ASCE 2017

New Orleans, Louisiana | Oct 8–11, 2017

Short Courses

Arrive early and earn valuable PDH credits attending these short courses.

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  • Short courses are available on a first-come first-served basis and have a limited capacity.
  • A separate registration fee is required for all short courses.
  • ASCE reserves the right to cancel a course if the minimum registration is not met.

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All short courses take place on Sunday, October 8, 2017.

Envision™ Sustainable Infrastructure Credential Training Workshop

Using the ENVISION™ Rating System

October 8 | 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
Credits: 6 PDHs

This workshop will demonstrate how the Envision™ rating tool can be used to plan for long term resiliency of civil infrastructure against natural hazards and climate change, alternative project delivery methods, optimization of community benefit and other sustainable elements of design and construction. There will be an introduction to the Envision™ rating system, and a guided tour of the tool’s sustainability criteria and scoring system. Diverse case studies will demonstrate how the tool rates certain design and construction elements. These examples will illustrate the broad range of sustainable components that can be incorporated into projects.

  1. Use the Envision™ rating tool to plan for long term resiliency and sustainability;
  2. Explain the Envision™ rating and scoring system;
  3. Use knowledge & skills gained from previous studies, experience, and this workshop to earn the ISI ENV-SP Credential.

Speakers: To be announced

Member Registration Fee: EB: $425 | ADV: $475 | ONS: $550
Non-Member Registration Fee: EB: $525 | ADV: $575 | ONS: $650



October 8 | 1:00 – 5:00 p.m.
Credits: 4 PDHs

Well-developed writing skills set Engineers apart and enable career success. Unfortunately, most Engineers lack essential writing skills. This short course, based upon the Academic Competencies tier of the Engineering Competency model, will focus upon how to organize and develop, proper mechanics, and the tone of professional writing. The topics will include how to create emails, letters, and reports that effectively communicate thoughts and ideas; use of standard syntax, sentence structure and grammar; how to create legible handwritten communications; and the use of plain and appropriate language for the intended audience. Most importantly, participants will learn how to communicate professionally and courteously, showing insight, perception, and depth in their writing. Attend this short course to master your professional writing skills.

  1. Proper mechanics for writing, such as structure, tailoring content to a particular audience, and correct grammar.
  2. Guidelines for skilled development and organization of written communications.
  3. What to look for when faced with certain situations, and rules-of-thumb for clear, concise, and nuanced writing.

Speakers: Randy Wall, P.E., President, Engineering Leadership Institute; and Mary B. Wall, P.E., Vice President, Engineering Leadership Institute

Member Registration Fee: EB: $225 | ADV: $275 | ONS: $350
Non-Member Registration Fee: EB: $300 | ADV: $350 | ONS: $425

**CANCELLED -Technical Competencies Aren’t Enough**

Building Cultural Competencies for a Globalized World

October 8 | 1:00 – 5:00 p.m.
Credits: 4 PDHs

Whether working on a refinery in China, an infrastructure project in Africa or with team members in India, cross-cultural competencies are essential to getting a quality job done on-time and within budget.
At the 2014 ASCE conference in Panama, James Mihelcic highlighted the need. He defined “global competency” as “the ability to understand and work effectively with engineers and other coworkers who are raised, educated, and living in countries other than their own and who solve and define problems differently.”

The workshop will build your cultural competencies by considering the impact of cultural values and communication styles on global teams.

Participants will:

  • Identify cultural value differences that impact global work and communication styles.
  • Learn culturally appropriate skills for building trust.
  • Develop cross-cultural competencies to engage in dialogue and bridge cultural differences.

Speaker: David Peace, President, Shanti Consulting

Member Registration Fee: EB: $225 | ADV: $275 | ONS: $350
Non-Member Registration Fee: EB: $300 | ADV: $350 | ONS: $425

**CANCELLED - Women In Engineering**

October 8 | 1:00 – 5:00 p.m.
Credits: 2 PDHs

Join your female engineer colleagues in an interactive discussion on topics women face in engineering. The workshop kicks off with a presentation on the key subjects women encounter in the profession. Then participants will break into small groups to discuss topics and questions, as well as tips and strategies to address them. Each group will draft core questions for an expert panel to address, and the session will conclude by identifying actions on the key topics.

Speakers: To be announced

Member Registration Fee: EB: $225 | ADV: $275 | ONS: $350
Non-Member Registration Fee: EB: $300 | ADV: $350 | ONS: $425

Short Courses sold out last year so register early!

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